If U missed the Prince Diamonds and Pearls Super Deluxe Virtual Celebration #DPSDVC, you can relive it by either reading about it or watching the video archives!💜

Day 1

International Lovers Roundtable with Karen Gabay, Declan McCarthy, Adam Rudegeair, and  Matt Thorne. Moderated by Casey Rain.

The Fellas Roundtable with Big Sexy, Eloy Lasanta, L*A*W, Nicolay, and Ricky Wyatt. Moderated by Michael Dean.

The Writers Roundtable with Kamilah Cummings, Zach Hoskins, Harold Pride, and  Scott Woods. Moderated by C Liegh McInnis.

The Next Power Generation with Mila Asha, Randy FergusonJesse Jenkins, and Alena Saldivar. Moderated by India Mallard.

Day 2

The Essayists Roundtable with Jason Draper, De Angela L. Duff, Andrea Swensson, Duane Tudahl, and KaNisa Williams. Moderated by Elliott H. Powell.

The Four You Crew minus MML + 1 Music Snob Roundtable with Zaheer Ali, Anil Dash, Elliott H. Powell, and Arthur Turnbull. Moderated by De Angela L. Duff.

The Ladies Roundtable with Miss TLC, Rhonda Nicole, Taunja Pegues, Tonya Pendleton, and Laura Tiebert. Moderated by KaNisa Williams.

Live Commentary of DIY Glam Slam ’92 Screening with Kamilah Cummings, C Liegh McInnis, Nicolay, and Jason Orr.

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